Watchtower and Awake! Magazine Subscriptions Discontinued

The following is an email from one JW to another revealing the latest changes regarding mailed subscriptions to the Watchtower and Awake! magazines:

- ---- Original Message ----- Subject: News from Bethel

Hello to all,

Just a quick note to say hello. Things are going pretty good around these parts. None of us can believe the present weather that we are getting here in NY. This past Saturday, Dec. 1, we had almost 70 degrees. it was beautiful. I don't think anyone is complaining except those dying to get on the ski slopes. Presently we are in the process of building an assembly hall in the Newburg, NY area. That is around 30 minutes from the farm. We were looking at two possible locations to build an assembly hall. One was in Cheshire, CT and the other was in Newburg. We were able to get permission to build on either location with out any red flags from city or town official. The decision was left in the hands of the U.S. Branch Committee, and they made a prayer decision (I'm sure) for the building to go up in Newburg. Since the announcement to the congregations in the affected districts the society has been sending bethelites over to do tree removal and other preparatory work. It appears that the building will not take a very long time to erect. They have sent colored drawings to the congregations to give us an idea of how the building will look. Another beautiful assembly hall to honor and praise of our God, Jehovah.

You noticed that I said U.S. Branch Committee. Well, now we are like all the other branches around the world and it is going pretty good. Recently the Branch Committee made an announcement that all subscriptions of magazines and cassettes will soon be discontinued. Well, this morning the announcement was made to the whole Bethel family by Brother Dan Sydlik showing that the Governing Body approved of the decision. That means that all of Jehovah's Witnesses will be getting their magazines from the KH now instead of in the mail. And we will deliver the magazines to interested ones in the territory. Later on there will be a letter sent to all of the congregations. All details were not spelled out to us. 15 years ago in India a case was brought up against Jehovah's Witnesses who had refused to sing the national anthem. A judicial panel of 5 judges was set up to look into it, to see if the citizens had the right by way of the constitution in that country to refrain from singing the national anthem for religious reasons. 15 years later (Nov. 20-21,2001) the decision was handed down in favor of Jehovah's Witnesses. Another victory for God's people. I appreciate some good reminders we received to stay alert and awake. In the past we have expected the Lord to arrive at certain dates and nothing happened. In 1878, and even before that, in 1915, 1925, 1975. Alarms were given but they ended up as false alarms. But that does not mean that we are not living in the time of the end or that Jesus is not coming back as executioner. Like when a woman is pregnant and way along in her pregnancy. She tells her husband "it's time!" they make phone calls, set up transportation, get the doctors all set up, get to the hospital and the doctor says "nope, false call. Go back home." Even if that happens several times no one says "that baby is never going to come out, maybe she isn't pregnant at all." They keep moving and watching until the baby does come. Same with Jesus' coming. We should never conclude that since he did not come at a time that we were expecting him to come in the past, that he is not coming at all. We just keep serving Jehovah despite miscalculations, and wait on Jehovah to tell us what the signs mean. And what about the question: Who is the new king of the north? How do we know there is a NEW king? We are not prophets. And we have all that we need to serve Jehovah faithfully. We'll just keep waiting on him. On Nov. 23,24 I had the privilege of going to KM school. What a treat. We had some 876 elders there. Wonderful material was presented to better equip us to serve the needs of God's people. For me that was in New Haven, Ct. I am assigned to go with my own body of elders on the 28, 29 of Dec. However I will be working with a project in Patterson that weekend, so I was able to go earlier. I will be working at the Patterson Education Center for 3 weeks starting on Dec 17. Again it will be on a project with Audio Video. Looking forward to that.

You probably heard that when flight #587 went down in Queens, NY a few weeks ago that there were two of our sisters on the plane. Our prayers go for all those who lost loved ones. We thank Jehovah for the wonderful hope of the resurrection.

Well, It's time for me to go. So until we read again, take care.

Your brother,