India Bethel Panics, Says "Hit the Road!"

first, go here and then here to see "Letters to the bodies of elders"

Then read this letter from a Jehovah's Witness who is still an insider.

A reliable source who is still a Jehovah's Witness and must remain anonymous reveals a few facts about the latest events regarding the Bethel Home (Watchtower Branch office) in India.


Hi Randy

It is not a Government of India decision. Apparently one bureaucrat in the finance ministry, who is in charge of these things, has arbitrarily decided to withdraw the license that the WTS had to receive foreign funds. incidentally the theory here about why the funds were stopped is that the WTS did not carry out any charitable works, as listed by the government to claim exemption from tax.

The Society sent someone from Brooklyn to speak to the Finance Minister and other officials and they hope to sort things out. However since there is a right wing government in power which is covertly against Moslems and Christians (for proseletysing), things may not be easy.

However I must mention two fallouts of this ban.

One, the Society had, in the letters that I sent you, mentioned that the local congregations should make arrangements to look after the pioneers and COs etc.  Last week they sent another letter saying that instead of the congregations looking after their pioneers on their own the money should be instead sent to the WTS so that they can disburse it where they deem fit!!

Second, the Society has permanently stopped the distribution of all deluxe Bible editions. Also Watchtower and Awake! bound volumes from 2000 onward will not be made available in India, and video cassettes are restricted to one for the Kingdom Hall library only. They have also send a new restricted list of publications that will be available in India, the previous list to be discarded. I'd like to comment on all this but it is obvious to every one what this means about the WTS priorities.

In actual numbers, approximately 220 Bethelites have been 'reassigned to the field' and 400-odd special pioneers relieved. The Society has also said that they will not appoint any special pioneers in India in the future, even if the fund situation eases.

The situation in India is piquant. Many of the youngsters are getting bolder. In our city which has about 2000 JWs, there are tiny groups of 'apostates' who are questioning many of the WTS teachings. The internet is no doubt fuelling this. I feel that within 5 years the WTS as we know it in India will change. It may even dissolve or transform into something else.

In Kerala (the south Indian state, which had 50% of Indian JWs), the COs act as matchmaker. Nothing wrong in that except that in India the dowry system (the opposite of bride price) is very prevalent. The COs act as matchmaker then ask the bride's family for cash saying that they saved the family from paying a huge amount to the bridegroom's family.

When the news of the present imbroglio came, very few were concerned. One long-time elder said that it served the WTS right. He said that the Bethelites were getting fat doing nothing. That is the opinion of a majority of JWs here.

Then AJWRB and Freeminds happened and one learned more about the WTS. I really believe now that the WTS is an antichrist and false prophet. I have not gone on organised filed service for many months now but continue to report a few hours. I feel for some time at least it makes more sense to remain inside. It has helped me to expose the WTS to my immediate family who now are de-programmed.

name withheld

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