Ed Dunlap Dies but Still Speaks to Us

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Ed Dunlap, former Gilead registrar at Bethel, who was disfellowshipped in 1979 for "apostasy" during the great Witch hunt, died of natural causes on Sept. 17th in his home. Tom Cabeen, my former Bethel overseer, writes:

"He was cleaning out dresser drawers and noticed a numbness in his left arm. He thought it was just from turning wrong or something. He went into the bathroom shortly thereafter and when he didn't come out, Betty went looking for him. He had died quickly and, evidently, painlessly. He was a good Christian and very courageous. I will miss him very much. We had a lot of good Bible discussions.

Ed was a courageous man who stood up to the Witch Hunt tactics at Bethel in 1979 and declared that he would not be a part of the tactics used on the flock, and after a long session with the other members of the Governing Body, where some were said to be in tears over his conscientious stand, he was disfellowshipped and it was announced to the Bethel family the next morning. Many cried over the loss of this wonderful Christian man. May his reward go with him.
Randy Watters

Witch Hunt tactics:

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