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NEWS from 2013-2014
Megalith reverses, sells Dumbo parcels to Carlyle affiliate for $31M (5/28/2014)
Congregation Fleecing Results (5/28/2014)
Signs of the Time of the End - Armageddon (5/28/2014)
AAWA Discussion Forum  (3/14/2014)
AAWA on Facebook  (3/10/2014)
Watchtower continues crusade against higher education (3/14/2014)
Partnership Behind Watchtower Buy Taps CPEX to Lease Retail Space (10/10/2013)
On the real aftermath of the new AGM Watchtower Bible Part 2 (10/10/2013)
On the real aftermath of the new AGM Watchtower Bible (10/10/2013)
I asked the Circuit Overseer 'Who Donates Blood For Jehovah's Witnesses?' (9/26/2013)
Watchtower Desperately needs more Kingdom Halls? (9/20/2013)
31 things each and every Jehovah's Witness NEEDS TO KNOW right now (9/25/2013)
Lawsuit Landslide: Irwin Zalkin representing ELEVEN child abuse victims against Watchtower (9/25/2013)
When Jehovah's Witnesses changed from Society to Religion and why (9/25/2013)
That's just your opinion (9/25/2013)
Hazel Dell woman files child sex abuse suit against Jehovah's Witnesses (9/19/2013)
The Governing Body's irrational fear of the apostate bogeyman (8/9/2013)
When Jehovah's Witnesses changed from Society to Religion and why (8/9/2013)
Why do the GB need a new Bethel compound if the end is so close? (Official answer) (8/9/2013)
Most Awkward, Embarrassing, Comical things you Experienced as a Witness? (8/9/2013)
Jehovah’s Witnesses Fight to Protect the Pedophile Paradise (7/31/2013)
'Shun your disfellowshipped loved ones!' Shocking District Convention talk hits YouTube (7/30/2013)
'Jehovah blessed you with all you have [so remember] he can definitely take it away...' (7/30/2013)
Re: Anthony Morris The 3rd Talks About Human Hot Dogs At Armageddon Will Be No Picnic For Survivors (6/5/2013)
Woman accused of faking rape now facing charges of fraud (6/5/2013)
Beware of Apostates! - 'God's Word is Truth!' District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses 2013 (5/25/2013)
No Booing Allowed At District Conventions Especially During Apostate Hate Speech Talks (5/25/2013)
Classic Youtube videos from years back on (5/15/2013)
Tasmania police call on abuse victims to report all historic cases (5/12/2013) 
Michael Jackson defender files sex abuse claim (5/11/2013)
JW.Org Warns Us that INDEPENDENCE is a Subtle Trap of Satan! (4/23/2013)
TTATT-Fest 2013! Can you be there? (4/23/2013)
The Myths of Disfellowshipping (4/22/2013)
Summary of WT Appeal Brief in Conti Case (4/9/2013)
WT Mar 15th 2012 - 144,000 no longer a literal number? (4/9/2013)
WT holds EXTREME Responsibility for 1975 and False Expectations (3/12/2013)
How do I tell my husband? (3/11/2013)
Applying Genesis Laws to Blood Transfusions appears to be ridiculous (3/9/2013)
France Returns Funds to Jehovah’s Witnesses (3/9/2013)
DOJ orders release of 18 men in 2002 abduction of JW members (2/7/2013)
Who are the REAL demons behind the Watchtower? (2/7/2013)
2012 Service Year Report: what do the numbers show?(1/14/2013)
How Can I Kindly Kick Weak And Unproductive Publishers Out Of My Kingdom Hall? (1/14/2013)
Football, Sexual Assault, and the Web: The End of the Institutional Cover-ups of Sexual Abuse...(1/10/2013)
Michael Norris, from Quepos, Costa Rica. He regularly attends the Quepos English Congregation (1/10/2013)

NEWS from 2012
Blood transfusion: Letter of Understanding (12/30/2012)
Jehova’s Witness Elder in court for rape (12/24/2012)
Jehovah's Witnesses View of Jesus Compared to the Early Church (12/4/2012)
Contributions For Local KH VS. World Wide Work (12/04/2012)
JWs dismayed by new magazine format from Watchtower Society (11/27/2012)
The oldest survivor of the concentration camps at 92 (11/15/2012)
Jeff won the nation’s largest jury verdict for a sexual abuse case in 2011 (posted 11/15/12)
Rev. Sun Myung Moon ("Moonies") Dies at 92  (posted 9/10/12)
The Candace Conti Verdict Explained - why the Watchtower has been punished over child abuse  (posted 9/10/12)
New GB member - Mark Sanderson  (posted 9/5/12)
'Moonies' founder Sun Myung Moon dies at 92 (posted 8/27/12)
Brazil. JWs up 26% in 10 Years (posted 9/2/12)
New site is up (posted 8/27/12)
JWs, Hells Angels, Serial Killers, Dissociative Identity Disorder and a 14-year-old Run-Away (posted 8/21/12)
Church abuse cases and lawyers an uneasy mix (posted 8/15/12)
A little example of how severely the contributions for the Society are drying up (posted 8/14/12)
Judge reprimands lawyer for failing to disclose connection to Watchtower (posted 8/1/12)
YouTube: Governing Body uses the media (even though it's under Satan's influence)! (posted 7/30/12)
All Conti docs and Zalkin's out-of-court settlement docs now on (posted 7/30/12)
Watchtower Embarrassed in Court (posted 7/25/12)
Church won't 'shun family' despite blood transfusion (posted 7/16/12)
How did the Watch Tower Instruct its Elders to Deal with Pedophiles and other felons in 1989? (posted 7/16/12)
Landmark U.S. verdict against Jehovah’s Witnesses may prompt Canadian sex abuse lawsuits (posted 7/2/12)
Severe Blood Conservation Appears Safe In Cardiac Surgery For Jehovah's Witnesses (posted 7/2/12)
Outrageous Omission – Blood (posted 7/2/12)
International Conference in Montreal:Experts on Cults, Psychological Abuse, New Religious Movements (posted 7/1/12)
Scientology's summer of hell (posted 7/1/12)
Priest's conviction is a first, will more follow? (posted 6/25/12)
Maryville man seeks awareness of sexual abuse within Jehovah’s Witnesses (posted 6/24/12)
Watch Tower site finally acknowledges Candace Conti molestation suit for $28 million (posted 6/23/12)
Watchtower's Billion Dollars of Property Cannot Be Sold until Outcome of Conti Appeal (posted 6/21/12)
Deadlocked or not, the priest sex-abuse jury did its job (posted 6/20/12) - Why isn't there an official statement about the Candace Conti case? (posted 6/20/12)
Jehovah's Witnesses ordered to pay more than $20 million to woman who said she was sexually abused (posted 6/15/12)
Legal documents pertaining to abuse case (posted 6/15/12)
Jehovah's Witnesses ordered to pay $21 million in child sex abuse case (posted 6/15/12)
DUMBO for sale: Zoning would allow for a development of up to 150,000 square feet of hotel... (posted 6/6/12)
Disfellowshipped Facebook friends (posted 6/1/12)
Judge forces Jehovah's Witness parents to allow transfusion for daughter with cancer (posted 6/1/12)
New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend" (posted 5/28/12)
Any suggestions on handling financial abuse of a senior by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society? (posted 5/19/12)
The "30 Other Lands" in the Worldwide Report - revealed! (posted 5/14/12)
Gated Communities in Puerto Rico now required to have a Security Guard and special entrance for JWs (posted 5/13/12)
A Brief History of Racism in Watchtower Publications (posted 5/7/12)
Prozac Use Among JWs, Bethelites, Circuit Overseers and District Overseers, What Gerritt Loesch Said (posted 5/7/12)
JWN Discussion reveals the hypocritical intolerance of even other former victims of intolerance (posted 4/30/12)
Victorian State Government announces inquiry into sexual abuse among religious organisations (posted 4/30/12)
Jehovah’s Witnesses property sells for $6.6M, to be used for luxury rentals (posted 4/23/12)
The knock at the door that turned my parents into brainwashed fanatics - and nearly cost my life (posted 4/21/12)
Notorious JW Child molester believed hiding in GTA (posted 4/7/12)
Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide Observe Anniversary of Christ’s Death Thursday (posted 4/3/12)
Transcript of audio recording of WT letter read to all Victoria congs in 2011 re: Working With Children Act (posted 4/1/12)
Mormons in Decline Due to Exposure on Internet (posted 4/1/12)
SECRET LETTER of Watchtower Media Changes to be announced in a few days (posted 3/29/12)
Jehovah's Witnesses to reduce pages in Watchtower and Awake! magazines (posted 3/28/12)
What can happen when you open your door to Jehovah's Witnesses in Canada (posted 3/26/12)
Ruling may end discrimination against Ex Jehovah's Witnesses in Brazil (posted 3/25/12)
WT among those who deny independent financial audits in Canada (posted 3/22/12)
Another View of a Kingdom Hall Takeover (posted 3/19/12)
Kingdom Hall remodel money scams (posted 3/19/12)
Legal experts back juror's exit (posted 3/16/12)
The Man Who Set His Wife Ablaze (posted 3/10/12)
Jehovah’s Witnesses Hurl Bibles At Pitbulls Attacking Grandma! (posted 3/7/12)
Annual BRCI Conference Saturday, Sept. 22 from 9:30 - 5:30 in Chicago! (posted 3/3/12)
Chain of correspondence with Society regarding pedophilia (posted 2/27/12)
Australian article about Steven Unthank (posted 2/26/12)
Columbia Heights Is Brooklyn’s “Millionaire’s Row” (posted 2/19/12)
Dear WT: Why the Insults and name-calling? (posted 2/14/12)
JWs Unload Columbia Heights Carriage House—$3M Under Asking (posted 2/14/12)
UZBEKISTAN: Renounce your beliefs or you won't be released (posted 2/10/12)
Steven Unthank's money accounts suddenly closed! (posted 2/4/12)
Blood transfusion would likely have saved Jehova's Witness patient (posted 2/2/12)
Watchdog's ban on distributing Jehovah's Witnesses magazines affirmed (posted 2/2/12)
Committee voted to provide $486,009 to accommodate increased traffic expected... (posted 1/29/12)
Jehovah’s Witnesses church to move forward in Merrimack, N.H. after zoning board ruling (posted 1/26/12)
JWs part of the Second Great Awakening, and why evangelicals don't like Mormons (posted 1/26/12)
Judge sentences Kozelisky to maximum prison time in child molestation case (posted 1/21/12)
Huge win for religious liberty at the Supreme Court (posted 1/12/12)
More frayed nerves after arson scare at Kingdom Hall (posted 1/10/12)  
LGBT community rallies for Jehovah’s Witnesses (posted 1/5/12)
New Hungarian Constitution Revokes Nation's Recognition of Islam and Other Religions (posted 1/4/12)

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